Mythological Fantasy World

Free to Play RPG for turns that intertwines mythology and fantasy.

Free to Play

Enter the maw of Entia

Mythology comes to life in a world full of mythological beings. Discover the secrets of the Entias, which are born from our culture.

The balance of the world is in your hands, do not allow the harmony that sustains it to be destroyed.  


Are you able to defeat the Boss? Expeditions are incredible chains of dungeons that will cost you only 15 to 30 minutes. Finish them to get great rewards.


Discover the secrets of mythology. Live an incredible adventure where you will be enriched by the stories of the different cultures of the world as you make your way through this unique fantasy to maintain the balance of Ether, our vital energy.

Walk with your Entias through this fantasy full of magic and wisdom!  


Combat in a PvP never seen before. We differentiate ourselves by the use of blockchain creating a ranking system with rewards through tokens. The rewards will fluctuate according to your performance in combat. It will be vital to create strategies that allow you to get the most out of your characters.

Develop your skills and be rewarded!  

Create your team

Get four Entias through our magic books to start your adventure. You can buy the books in our store. They will allow you to get random Entias of different types and rarities.

Enter the Expeditions

You will have different expeditions on different cultures as well as a training mode that will allow you to develop your skills before the real confrontation.

Obtain rewards

Entia Coin is our in-game currency. With it you will be able to trade within the game. Walk with us to enter this magical and extensive journey.

⚔ Start playing ⚔

Start your Entia adventure in four easy steps:

Enter Entia

Download the game from the Play store.

Coming soon...  

Choose your team

Choose your Entias and select the four best ones according to their stats. Don't forget to balance your team!


Play our tutorial and develop your skills in the training mode to understand the basics of our combat system.


Show your skills in the expeditions. Complete them to get your rewards, will you be able to reach the end?


What is Enthariel Games?

Enthariel Games is a pioneer videogame developer with the goal of materializing its dreams and passion, to create videogames. We are currently a team of 7 people, each one assigned to a specific role.

Our differential value is based on the fact that we are bringing the origins of videogames, those that make us so nostalgic, to the present day. Therefore, we are intertwining turn-based RPG systems with the current BlockChain. We are betting on the future without forgetting what we were.

Why BlockChain?

The introduction of BlockChain will allow free trade in a decentralized way of the different characters in the game creating a fair market, with an economy self-regulated by the users.

In addition, the inclusion of BlockChain will allow the creation of a ranking system (PVP) featuring BlockChain that will allow players to compete in a secure way against each other earning rewards and tokens to take their game to the next level. Allowing them to profit from their battles.

But basically how will I play?

In the PVE (Campaign), you will be a pioneer in charge of balancing the Ether of the world, for this you will travel through the different mythologies finding Entias that will support you in your adventure. These different places will be divided into expeditions, which represent different parts of the world and are chains of dungeons of 15 to 30 minutes that will give you the currency and rewards of the game.

PvP will be a competitive system in which your team of four Entias will fight against a similar team. There will be Normal mode and BlockChain mode. Choose your Entias and your combat strategies wisely!

How do I download the game?

You will find it soon in Play Store and different platforms.

What is this about mythological beings?

Our characters come from different mythologies and cultures of the world, you will find characters such as Lamia, Fairy, Minotaur, Coco, Nekomata, Kitsune.

In addition, these characters will be NFTs that you will be able to trade with

Free to Play